YPB : Yoga / pilates / barre fusion

This class not only blends Yoga, Pilates, and Barre into one class, it also fuses the C.O.R.E. "heartbeat" throughout class. C.O.R.E. stands for Confident, Optimistic, Resilient Energy. Combining yoga poses and core work at the barre will improve strength, flexibility, and mobility. The sequencing of this class will bring the student closer to more advanced moves, all the while challenging students to grow stronger in mind, body and soul.

Sarah has pulled from more than 15 years of experience as a Yoga and Pilates teacher and Coach to create this new and unique method. She believes blending these three styles can be more potent when fused together than when pulled apart. 


YOGA LAB : monthly workshops

With Kristen:

An in-depth 2.5 hour yoga class designed especially for dedicated students and teachers that want to dive deeper into their practice. This class is more about the physical asana and less about yoga philosophy. This class will dive into the physical asana with the level of intention and attention to detail it deserves, while still offering a warm up, seated series, 15 minute meditation, pranayama, and well-deserved savasana. This intermediate/advanced alignment-based Vinyasa Flow style class will incorporate a mindful sequence all themed around peak postures or an anatomical focus. It is an opportunity to dissect postures that otherwise might be intimidating. Various options and modifications will be offered. The energy of this class is empowering and playful, yet grounded and nurturing.

Yoga Lab is not about hard poses, although you will be challenged lovingly into expanding beyond what you may think is possible. The intention is for students to advance and refine their practice from where it is now, given their interest, capacity, and ability. It is a chance to dive deep into your physical body, to release tension and remove stress, while practicing in an uplifting environment full of inspiration and camaraderie. The only requirement is a love of yoga, a desire to learn and grow, and the willingness to honor and challenge your limits intelligently.


With Kelly:

Wash away the week with creative yoga sequences, dance-y flows and sneaky core moves, all blended together in Kelly's unpredictable and fluid style. Depending on her mood, class could include mini workshops to sort out intricate poses or flows, or a coached sequence with taught options leading up to a group free-style with the music cranked up. Move how you need here.


mobility lab

If you have a body, you need this : an intelligent progression through joint warm-ups using resistance bands and body movements; coached self massage techniques using lacrosse balls, foam rollers and other tools; then stretching. A yoga-style self care class designed to Not be a workout or a traditional yoga class with standing poses or flows.

Mobility workshops are the perfect fit for an athlete's recovery process - a complement to training, injury prevention, and just plain living. Workshops are led by Kelly, resident anatomy nerd and massage tool sadist, and infused with her experience massaging endurance athletes. Inquire about booking on-site workshops at mayamovementarts@gmail.com.