dancy yoga super flow

With Kelly, held randomly : check the Workshops + Events tab.

Join Kelly for a flowy yoga class, designed to shake off stress. Heated but not hot (80-85 degrees). Difficult but not traditional "power" yoga. Will challenge your core and balance in non-traditional ways. Dancy, flowy transitions with lots of modifications for extra-stretchy folks, plus building blocks for the less stretchy. Lots of music and time to dive into pre-set sequences with suggestions to play and add-on. Dim, with candles, and lots of time devoted to stretching at the end.


YOGA workshops

Wash away the week with creative yoga sequences, dance-y flows and sneaky core moves, all blended together in Kelly's unpredictable and fluid style. Depending on her mood, class could include mini workshops to sort out intricate poses or flows, or a coached sequence with taught options leading up to a group free-style with the music cranked up. Move how you need here.

Check the Workshops tab for dates.


mobility workshops

If you have a body, you need this : an intelligent progression through joint warm-ups using resistance bands and body movements; coached self massage techniques using lacrosse balls, foam rollers and other tools; then stretching. A yoga-style self care class designed to Not be a workout or a traditional yoga class with standing poses or flows.

Mobility workshops are the perfect fit for an athlete's recovery process - a complement to training, injury prevention, and just plain living. Workshops are led by Kelly, resident anatomy nerd and massage tool sadist, and infused with her experience massaging endurance athletes. Inquire about booking on-site workshops at mayamovementarts@gmail.com.

Workshops are held across town at various gyms & crossfit boxes and announced via facebook events or listed on the Workshops tab.