Dance Trapeze

Dance Trapeze Basics : an entry level class on a trapeze. Students will learn basic entrances and exits onto the apparatus, as well as beginning conditioning, basic transitions and wraps. Class will focus on foundational technique needed to balance on the bar and rotate through space around the bar.

Recommended for beginners, but a bit of upper body strength is suggested.

Classes will use a single-point dance trapeze, with bouncy cable-free ropes and a carbon bar, on a swivel. The bar will be rigged about hip height for most poses in Basics. Please note the aerial dress code in the "things to know" section on the "Aerial Overview" page, but especially the suggestion to bring extra layers to protect against the pressure of the bar & avoid crop tops to protect against the rope.


TLC+R [Trapeze + Lyra Condition + Refine] : A class for mature 1/2s (access by permission only), focusing on endurance, conditioning, and refining technique and alignment. Note : please register for either a Lyra or a Trapeze. This is not a blended class : students will use either a Lyra or a Trapeze for the whole 75 minutes. At times we may switch bars to compare grips and shoulder alignments as an exercise, but students will focus on 1 apparatus. This is not an open practice, so do not expect unsupervised air time or creative exploration. Students will be given homework regarding moves they already know and spend time deepening their understanding of the move or transition. This is not necessarily a place to learn new moves, so don't expect new downloads each week. Go to Lyra 1-2 or Trapeze classes for new moves. We will deconstruct, workshop and refine moves in this class. We will be spending about 30 minutes of each class as a Bar/Horizontal Apparatus conditioning class. The rest of class will be spent deepening our understanding of classic aerial positions and engagements, and allowing time for exploring, expanding and refining moves and transitions.


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For more information on studio policies and how to choose an appropriate class, please refer to the "Aerial Overview" page under the "Classes" tab.

Kelly's Solo Dance Trapeze Solo as the Mad Hatter in the MAYA Alice in Wonderland aerial show.