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"TRY IT" article series by Elizabeth LaFleur of the Greenville News. August, 2016 :

"People are so afraid to get out of their comfort zone, but it's how we grow," says VanLeeuwen.

VanLeeuwen is Greenville's first Aerial Yoga, Aerial Sling and AcroYoga teacher. Her art is one that many people in Greenville didn't know existed, outside of circus acts, until just a few years ago. The class lends itself to a kind of accidental fitness – you know you're working out, but you're so focused on accomplishing something new like holding yourself up longer or learning a new pose, that you almost forget how hard your arms and core are working.

MAYA named one of the 10 Best Yoga Studios in SC from Best Things SC :

"More than just a yoga studio..."

Kelly as a Lululemon ambassador in the Greenville community :

Aerial Dance for National Dance Day story with Pamela Wright & Myra Ruiz of WYFF News Channel 4 :

"We start low. We start with basics. We start Thinking about a pull-up."

"The Elephant in the Room" : a 2016 podcast interview with Engrid Latina of Liveng Proof Podcast:

a behind the scenes look into Kelly's passion for aerials, the story of where she started, and how it all happened.

"Finding Your Tribe" : a 2017 podcast interview with Engrid Latina of Liveng Proof Podcast":

a real & raw explanation of Kelly's leadership philosophy and team building approach, as well ideas about body acceptance, entrepreneurship and separating one's self from one's business.

Cover story for OFF the Grid Greenville + photos from Fish Eye Studios :

"People get in their own way a lot and talk themselves out of new experiences. And as adults, I think we forget that we had to start someplace and we were beginners once. We do our careers well. We put ourselves less and less in positions in which we’re uncomfortable or awkward. It’s so healthy to jump out of those comfort zones and experience new things."

Aerials for "Move It Monday" interview on WSPA Channel 7 with Megan Hoffman. June, 2015 :

Also, when Kelly puts her foot on Jack....

TOWN Carolina magazine covers the Greenville Audi grand opening party, where Kelly performed. 2015 :

TOWN Carolina New Years cover story on the "Roots of Wellness." January, 2016 :

Many hit the yoga mat to “get the kinks out.” But those who enter Kelly VanLeeuwen’s studio engage in a form of yoga that literally takes them mentally and physically to new heights. She teaches them how to fly. “I hear people say so many times, I can’t do this, or I can’t do that. That’s a really dangerous mindset.” She elaborates by adding, “People stop wondering what they are really capable of. It’s dangerous to put limitations on ourselves.”


Podcast Interview with Stories of the Upstate, early 2017 :

Kelly on being an introvert while running a business, her family, on coming back to Greenville, saying no, and maybe getting bleeped on the air...

MAYA as part of the Shoeless Jam Festival in the Arts District, covered in the Greenville Journal :

“We learned that Greenville is really hungry for events like this,” [Katie] Hughes says. “They want to support local music at events like Fall for Greenville and Artisphere; we’re just adding to it. But Shoeless Jam has a different feel, because it’s on private property in the arts district with houses in the background. I feel like you’re in a backyard, like it’s kind of a micro-festival.”

This year’s edition of Shoeless Jam, which features Ridge Media as the presenting sponsor, will have eight bands, 20 arts and crafts vendors, food trucks, and craft beer provided by Quest Brewing. Other entertainment will include high-flying performances by the MAYA Movement Arts Aerialists and the Cirque Spin Tribe, who work with hula hoops and glowing props.

Performing at Artisphere in downtown Greenville, as covered in the Greenville News, 2016 :

"Elevate Your Workout" cirque spin-off story about MAYA classes on WSPA with Vanessa de la Vina, 2016 :

Cirque moves for the beginner : take your workout up in the air! "I think the true art form comes out when you're so strong that you can make it look effortless. I really want to say that this is for everyone. They just have to be willing to show up and try something new and work with me, and I can match this to their needs."

Performing at the Dancing with the Carolina Stars benefit to support Senior Action, 2015 & 2016 :

Video of Kelly's Aerial Sling performance to Feeling Good at intermission in 2016.

The Swamp Rabbit Inn recommends MAYA as a West Greenville exercise option :

"Hanging from the ceiling in graceful or contemplative positions is great fun and great training!  MAYA Movement Arts, located at 201 Smythe near the Swamp Rabbit Cafe, will get you swinging like a bat in no time."

1st hand experience + blog from Lindsey Breitwieser - aka @getfitgvl - on The Local Greenville :

"It’s unlike anything you’ve tried before (unless maybe you’re a trapeze artist) and you can’twalk into any gym and take a class like this.

It looks awesome. If you’re living for the insta, you’ll get awesome photos from this class. The classes are a la carte. You can come as you please, which also makes it a fun activity for visitors that may just want to try something different.

Beginners welcome. They have a safety net on the website that blocks you from registering for any class that requires prior knowledge or training. If you’re able to book the class, you’re good to go!

Expect a small and intimate class (at least for the aerial class that I took). In my opinion it’s probably the best feature. I had never done anything like aerial yoga before and a small class meant that the instructor could get to every student individually."

MAYA listed in the Top 5 places to Get Fit in Greenville, by Mapquest Travel. January, 2016 :

"Step outside of your comfort zone and try aerial aerobics at Greenville's first aerial yoga studio. You'll stretch, tone, traction, balance, invert, flip, dance--all while suspended from a nylon sling rigged from 15-foot high ceilings in a renovated textile mill. A great activity for groups, grab your friends and try the beginner's basics class."

Kelly & Katy performing as the Angels of Death and Life in a Gone in April music video filmed in the Old Cigar Warehouse. 2017 :

Wedding Reception performance pics from Kendra Martin Photography at the Upper Room :

Article by Julia Polloreno in Triathlete Magazine about the cycling camps with George Hincapie at the Hotel Domestique, where Kelly provides massage & yoga :

"The three days at camp generally went like this: Wake up at 8, head downstairs for a cup of coffee before 8:30 yoga with local instructor Kelly (who specializes in yoga for cyclists). Tremble and breathe through 30-40 minutes of core work, poses and stretches intended to fortify and warm our muscles for the day’s ride (yes, George gets his Gumby on, too). Then, light breakfast (one highlight was the Spanish Tortilla, a egg-potato frittata recipe brought back from Europe) over a preview of the day’s planned ride, which ranged from a 1.5-hour climb to a 4-hour out-and-back across the state line. We’d get back to the hotel, attack the spread of incredible food prepared buffet-style for lunch, clean up, and then head to a daily massage with either Kelly, also an expert in bodywork, or Jeremiah, George’s personal soigneur for his last four years on the pro circuit (Jeremiah’s stories from his global travels as a soigneur kept us thoroughly entertained throughout our stay).