Aerial Sling Dance 1

Aerial Sling Dance is a hammock class for students progressing in their endurance & pose vocabulary, focused on fluidity and choreography. Individual permission from the studio owner is required to attend, based on completion of some prerequisites.

The registration system will not let you sign up for this class if you've never taken an aerial class before, or have never tried a class at MAYA before. Please consult Kelly if you're questioning when/if you're ready to upgrade.

All sling dance classes will challenge students' technique and endurance, featuring more advanced conditioning drills, climbing, dance transitions and technique refinements.

Aerial Sling Dance 2 / 3

More of the same, but more complicated transitions, harder conditioning drills, longer combinations and more involved wraps. Students will be introduced to dynamic moves and drops. Intermediate classes will focus on spacial awareness, self-spotting and safety training.

Individual permission from the studio owner is required to graduate to intermediate classes, based on completion of the skills in the Basics dance progression.


For more information on studio policies and how to choose an appropriate class, please refer to the "Aerials" tab under the "Classes" heading.