thai massage

Part deep tissue bodywork, part passive stretching, part yoga-style assists, part joint traction, part twisting, part intentional and progressive compression, part plucking and sheering and smashing, part fire cupping and scraping (similar to the Graston Technique) and hammering, part sports massage, part manual therapy -- all while fully clothed, on a mat on the floor, while the therapist uses her hands, feet, elbows, knees, body weight, and traditional Thai therapeutic tools.

Kelly specializes in massage for athletes, from the leisurely to the competitive to the professional. Her experience ranges from racing cyclists, triathletes, Ironman competitors, and Ultra runners; to dancers, weight lifters and Cirque du Soleil performers; and includes cross-state cycling road trips, exclusive training camps with George Hincapie, Lance Armstrong, Christian Van de Velde, Craig Lewis and Cadel Evans at the Hotel Domestique, and CEO Challenges. She has worked team camps and World Championship competition weeks with the Roger C Peace Para-cycling Team, and currently travels with the USA Para-cycling team.

Note to new clients : all levels of athlete are welcome, of course, but be advised that Kelly specializes in deeper work. If your preferred style of massage is more relaxing with a lighter pressure, please look elsewhere.


To book a massage, either :

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I’ve dealt with nagging injuries for years and recently had my first massage with Kelly. I have probably received over 100 professional massages in the past, but none that benefited me that way this one did. As Kelly told me, her patients have a “love-hate” relationship with her, as working through rough spots on someone’s body doesn’t feel wonderful at the time, but the result was amazing. After a 75 minute massage, I had a very relaxed feeling, but the amazing part is that the relief to my nagging injuries, which typically lasts a day or so after a massage, has lasted for nearly two weeks.
— Jeff H.