MAYA is happy to offer Greenville's first aerial studio. Stretch, tone, traction, balance, invert, flip, dance--all while suspended from a nylon sling, silks, a steel hoop, or a bar and ropes.

Kelly and her team of certified coaches will modify to each student's level of strength and familiarity with the apparatus; however, please take care to choose the appropriate class level/style for your body :

Aerial Yoga : a hammock class for beginners or those wanting a gentle, stretchy practice. Class is designed to be a relaxing experience that's appropriate for all levels and ages. Perfect for those looking to invert, traction, stretch and improve their joint health. At the end, enjoy a long rest pose inside the hammock cocoon. / Recommended for beginners.

Aerial Fitness Basics : a hammock class for beginners looking to start upper body and core strength training. Class is geared toward toning and strengthening, with detailed cues given to train safe alignment and a variety of modifications offered to suit all levels. The Basics version of the Fitness class also includes an orientation to the studio & the hammock. All students are encouraged to try at least one Basics class before graduating to the all levels Fitness class; although, students can take the Basics for as long as they like. / Recommended for beginners.

Aerial Fitness : same fitness class style, but for all levels. An ever-changing parade of drills aimed to challenge a student's balance, core, grip and ability to hold their body weight off the ground. / Feel free to take this version of the Fitness class once you feel comfortable with the foundational entrances, exits and body positions taught in Aerial Fitness Basics.

Multi-Apparatus Conditioning : a revved up conditioning experience for those looking to sample a variety of aerial apparatuses, while adding a cardio element to their aerial training. All the pull-ups on all the things. / More of an intermediate conditioning offering. Students should be comfortable doing a pull-over. This is also a nice place to try out different apparatuses, but please note that this is not a tricks-based class. If you want to progress in an apparatus, please try the Basics class in that apparatus.

Aerial Sling Dance 1 : a hammock class for students progressing in their endurance & pose vocabulary, focused on fluidity and choreography. Individual permission from the studio owner is required to attend, based on completion of some prerequisites. / Students must be able to perform a pull-over, as well as have spent enough time in Aerial Fitness to become fluid in foundational entrances, exits and balance points in the hammock.

Aerial Sling Dance 2 / 3 : an intermediate hammock class. Individual permission from the studio owner is required to attend, based on completion of some prerequisites & assessing out of the Sling Dance 1 class.

Silks Basics : an entry level class on aerial silks. Students will be taught basic entrances and exits onto the apparatuses, as well as beginning conditioning drills, climbs, foot locks and poses.

Silks 1 / 2 : coming...  / Individual permission from the studio owner is required to attend, based on completion of some prerequisites.

Lyra Basics : an entry level class on a steel aerial hoop, known as the lyra. Students will be taught basic entrances and exits onto the apparatuses, as well as beginning conditioning drills and poses.

Lyra 1 / 2 : coming ...  / Individual permission from the studio owner is required to attend, based on completion of some prerequisites.

Dance Trapeze Basics : an entry level class on ropes and a carbon fiber bar. Students will be taught basic entrances and exits onto the apparatus, as well as beginning conditioning, basic transitions and wraps.

Private Lessons : for students looking for a completely customized approach to their aerial progress. Lessons offered in hammock, silks, lyra and trapeze. Private lessons are also a great way to dip your toe into aerials & give it a try without the pressure of fellow classmates. Contact the studio to book a lesson.

Private Parties : For those wanting the studio to themselves for a special occasion (birthday party, corporate team building event, etc) or wanting to give aerials a try in the comfort of their own friend group. Contact the studio to book a party.

(For more details on each class style, see the other pages under the "Classes" tab.) Any class name with a Number (1, 1 /2, etc) requires permission from the owner to attend.

Safety notes are clearly taught and enforced in all classes, as well as spotting when there is the need. There is no need to be already able to do a pull-up before you begin your aerial career; however, these classes are not intended as "shoulder therapy," so please refrain from class if you are nursing an acute shoulder injury.

The studio features single-point nylon aerial hammocks (also called slings), aerial silks, lyras and single-point dance trapezes, all rigged from 16-foot ceilings inside a renovated historic textile mill. Crash mats are used for every student in every class, and teachers are well trained in spotting techniques.

things to know

1. Students MUST register before class (online or on their phone via the MindBody Connect app) to reserve their apparatus. Showing up to class without prior registration does not guarantee you a spot in class, and you may be asked to leave if class is already full. Online registration closes 5 minutes before class start time, to allow for the teacher to have the classroom set up and ready to start class right on time. Late attendees will not be admitted to class, due to the safety risks involved with skipping an aerial warm-up. Also, students who no-show for class will be charged for the full price of the class.

2. Please note and follow the dress code for classes : it is intended to protect your skin as much as possible from the apparatus. Students should wear T-shirts that cover the armpits, and crops or pants that cover the backs of the knees. Students who wear shorts or crop tops to class will be given extra clothes to wear over top of what they came in, or they will be prohibited from taking class that day. Hanging from or swiveling in the hammock can cause tender spots, bruises, or silk burn. Sleeves protect the hammock from deodorant, as well, which can speed the fabric's decay. Clothing should be form-fitting, as loose or baggy material can get caught in the hammock, or fall over students' faces when they invert. Clothing that is especially slippery feeling will not grip the hammock as snugly, which beginners may want at first.

3. Do not wear lotion that sweats off, or heavy scents (body odor or perfume alike). Please be courteous and avoid smoking prior to class, or any other activities that leave a lingering smell and could make your hammock uninhabitable for the student immediately after you.

4. No jewelry. No gum chewing.

5. Mats are provided. Water is provided, but bring a bottle.

6. Please alert the teacher and/or her assistant if you suffer from easy bruising, low blood pressure, chronic light headedness, or nausea (i.e. the one who always gets car sick). If you feel you are getting dizzy during class, take a break or a sip or water and wait for it to pass.

7. Refrain from any aerial class (and any inversion) for at least 24 hours after a Botox injection, and do NOT come to the studio if you are sick. The studio reserves the right to send sick students home out of respect for others' health. Please wash your hands before and after any aerial class, to prevent the spread of germs from student to apparatus as much as possible.

8. Please be on time to class. Each class begins with a warm-up to protect students from injury. Late students may not be admitted to class, on the teacher's discretion, due to safety risks of skipping warm-ups.

9. All safety guidelines (given by the teacher or assistant) must be followed. Acting outside these guidelines, or putting others at risk warrants removal from class.

10. The social time directly after class is intended for taking pictures. (Phones are a distraction during class, and not allowed.) During this time, students may only practice moves they learned in class that day. This is not the time for asking to learn new moves from scratch once the teacher is "off the clock." Also, peer sharing/teaching during this time (or any other open practice time) is not allowed.

11. In class, please be mindful about exiting a move with impact or sound. Learning how much clearance is available in relation to the floor is an important principle of aerials, and rough landings imply a lack or awareness of clearance and/or a student trying a modification beyond their current skill set. Also, exiting moves quietly and slowly build the strength needed one day to enter the move without momentum.

12. When observing a new move being demonstrated, students are asked to watch without trying along. Please stay on the ground during the demo, so that the teacher can spot you appropriately if needed.

13. Minors (17 and younger) must have a waiver signed by a parent or guardian on file Before they can take class. No exceptions.

Aerial dance free-style at the Taylors Mill. Videography by Orion Yorke Media.

A collage of scenes and characters from the MAYA studio Alice in Wonderland aerial show, featuring performances from students and coaches via sling, silks, trapeze, lyra and partner acrobatics.