march 18, 12:30-5 pm : Qoya / Creatress + Art workshop

$35/person. Women age 16 and up, please.

We dance to feel. To remember. To be more of who we are.
We also dance to reveal our potential and celebrate our ability to create! This special workshop we'll be dancing in honor of our unique ability to create through the universe that is our physical body, then we'll create a bit of art to anchor in our experience. Bring your open heart, a water bottle, and your yoga mat!

Qoya is a movement practice for women, based on this simple idea...through movement we remember.

march 23, 8:45-10 pm : live guitar + yoga flow with quin + kelly

$5/person. All levels welcome.

Enjoy LIVE acoustic guitar from Quin during Kelly's March 23 Dancy Super Flow Yoga class. Expect an ambient and soulful vibe with a slow flow style to match. Candlelit.

Pre-registration online is recommended via the weekly schedule.

March 24, 10:30-12 : untying the thread / silks with kathleen

$50/person. Appropriate for a level 1+ silks student.

In this workshop, we will take basic and commonly executed skills and learn to do them differently (tired of getting into cross back straddle the same way?). Let's put the fun back into simplicity and genuinely enjoy every basic skill we have learned!

Recommended for students with the ability to put on double foot locks from the air. Pre-registration is required. No refunds allowed for guest teacher workshops.

march 24, 12:30-2 pm : doubles lyra with kathleen

$50/person. Appropriate for all levels.

Everything looks more fascinating with 2 people on 1 apparatus. We will begin with single poses and work into sequencing them seamlessly together. Must be comfortable entering the Lyra without assistance. Pre-registration required. No refunds allowed for guest teacher workshops.

march 25, 10:30-12 : bridging the gap / silks with kathleen

$50/person. Appropriate for a level 1-2 student.

Here we take two skills that have nothing to do with each other, and develop safe & effective ways to smoothly transition between them. Pre-registration required. No refunds allowed for guest teacher workshops.

march 25, 12:30-2 pm : what the tuck / lyra with kathleen

$50/person. Appropriate for a level 1-2 lyra student.

Learn techniques and sequences designed to improve your tuck ups and build skills on top of them. Pre-registration is required. No refunds allowed for guest teacher workshops.

march 31, 10:30-1:30 : Hawaiian hula dance with kaleo

$35/person. Beginners welcome!

The stories imbedded in Hawaiian Hula are exquisitely expressed through the flowing movements of your hands and body. It is an in-body experience, creating calmness, well-being and joy. “I love how hula makes me feel…so relaxed and at peace… …It makes me feel beautiful.” Hula is for every woman, every age, every size, every ethnicity, and no dance experience is necessary.

The movements are simple and not stressful to the body, and great exercise for your hips, knees, legs and arms. You also learn about a rich culture that embraces creating peace and balance in all your relationships. In this workshop, you will learn the history of Hula as sacred dance, the basic Hula steps, hands movements, and Hawaiian words and terminology and culture, through the dance being taught. The Hula is Ka Wai Lehua, a beautiful and flowing Hula about the cycles of life and love that have no beginning and no end. Pre-registration recommended.

march 31, 2-4 pm : acro workshop with kelly + chris

$30/person. Not appropriate for absolute beginners. Must have a basic understanding of side star and cartwheels.

Learn the progressions for monos, transitions and washing machines in this workshop. Pre-registration recommended.

april 1, 10-12 : trapeze 101 with kelly

$40/person. Appropriate for beginners!

Wanting to take your first steps on a trapeze? Curious about how it compares to the other apparatuses? This is just for you. This workshop will guide students through the basic entrances and exits onto the bar, as well as beginning poses under, seated and standing on the bar.Pre-registration required. Please wear or bring extra layers to protect against the ropes (long sleeves and socks recommended).

april 7, 2-3:30 pm : stretching workshop with meghan

$20/person. All levels.

Stretch and strengthen yourself, get stretched by others, and stretch and lengthen others. This workshop is designed to be an introduction to Self-Stretching and Assisted Stretching with proper alignment and technique to further your range of motion and lengthen your lines. We will be working heavily on back and hip flexibility as well as chest and shoulders.

Wearing comfortable workout clothing is recommended since you will be doing physical exercise and pushing your range of motion. Please bring appropriate clothing. Athletic shorts, leggings, tight fitting tops, or a tee shirt are fine. You can be in socks or bare feet. Please bring a water bottle and a yoga mat for floor work. Pre-registration recommended. Please register online via the link below on the "workshops" tab.

april 14, 1-3 pm : not yo mamma's yoga workshop with maryanne + kelly

$25/person. Appropriate for intermediate students and above.

Are you that person who takes a yoga class, and the teacher rolls their eyes at your flexibility and strength? Do you get called out for being advanced? While there are many offerings for "Intro" and "Beginner" classes available, more advanced students often find themselves left on their own because they "know what they are doing."

This workshop is for the student who knows all the poses, but doesn't know how to take it to the next level. We will cover small details that get missed on the students who rarely get assisted. This is a workshop designed for the student or yoga teacher who wants to tighten up their practice and deepen their strength and flexibility.

This is not a beginner workshop : an existing practice is required. Yogis, let's dig deep! // Maryanne teaching + Kelly assisting.

april 22, 1-3 pm : doubles lyra with meghan

$40/person. Appropriate for a level 1-2 lyra student.

Partner posing and transitions working together to flow + create pretty shapes. This workshop will include poses from both the Basics and 1-2 Levels, with a few new positions mixed in as well as some counterbalancing and partner holds. Pre-registration is required.

april 22, 1-5 pm : Qoya with sara

$25/person. All levels welcome.

may 20, 1-5 pm : qoya with sara

$25/person. All levels welcome.