Dance Trapeze

Dance Trapeze classes will use a single-point dance trapeze, with bouncy cable-free ropes and a carbon bar, on a swivel. These poses and transitions act much like the Sling, so Kelly's sling students should feel right at home in the ropes.


Dance Trapeze Basics : an entry level class on a trapeze. Students will learn basic entrances and exits onto the apparatus, as well as beginning conditioning, basic transitions and wraps. Class will focus on foundational technique needed to balance on the bar and rotate through space around the bar. Recommended for beginners, but a bit of upper body strength is suggested. The bar will be rigged about hip height for most poses in Basics.


Dance Trapeze 1 + 2 : a beginning-intermediate class on trapeze for students progressing in grip strength, inversions, flexibility and fluidity. Students will learn knee hangs, transitions over and under the bar, standing wraps, inversions and rope work. Class will focus on building pose vocabulary, endurance and effortless transitions. Individual permission from the studio owner is required to attend, based on completion of some prerequisites & assessing out of the Dance Trapeze Basics class.

Kelly's Solo Dance Trapeze Solo as the Mad Hatter in the MAYA Alice in Wonderland aerial show.