A spinning whirlwind of color and emotion, Sea Jae blends skillful precision and artistry while spinning hoops, fire fans, staves, and poi. She draws her experience from 8 years of practice and multiple different performance collectives, including Fire Fabulon, the Detroit Fire Guild, Greenville’s Thee Inner Cirkus, the Electric Forest Hoop Troupe 2011 (performing live with the String Cheese Incident), and the Cirque Spin Tribe.

Sea Jae excels in breaking down difficult skills into manageable progressions and translating physical movements into both anatomical language and relatable metaphors. A self-described slow learner, she appreciates the dedication it takes to become fluid with a hoop and provides a patient and supportive learning environment. Regardless of the student’s ultimate goals with the hoop—to dabble or dance—Sea Jae will provide intuitive instruction at all levels.

While her true passion is teaching, she can be found around town performing fire hooping and stilt walking. Or at home solving puzzles with her cat. For more information or for private lessons, contact Sea Jae directly via TEXT ONLY at 864.361.3365.

Follow her on Instagram at : @sea_of_cirque