... our resident expert on anything Harry Potter, makes all the hard poses look pathetically easy, never does anything the same way twice, quiet at first but packs a sneaky big laugh ex-gymnast.

Sara recently completed the MAYA sling teacher training. With a decade of gymnastics growing up and the desire to find another acrobatic outlet, it was no surprise that she was hooked on flying after just one aerial class now more than two years ago. The potential to blend strength and flexibility to create artistic movement, combined with a new challenge to learn and improve skills was addicting.

"I love the problem solving involved with using movement, gravity and tension to find poses and paths through and around any given apparatus; learning skills becomes a fun acrobatic puzzle for me to solve.  I want to show students they are capable of physical and mental feats they may not have realized they could achieve.  By encouraging students to recognize an initial weakness when they come to a roadblock and providing them with tools to grow stronger, I aim to help them take on the challenge and find gratification in their hard work to solve their own puzzles."  

Outside of aerials and her day job as a staff accountant for a general contractor, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, and sports (Auburn fan). She’s a confirmed geek, with fandoms spanning tv shows, movies and board games.  

Her music choices in the studio tend toward Bastille for free-styling, but bounce around from mood to '80s pop to folk rock to electronic.  

Although her passion is sling, she’s always eager to learn other apparatuses. "I'm enjoying the adventure of trying every apparatus I can get my hands on.”

Follow her on Instagram at : @sef0007