aerial policies

To book a private aerial lesson, please contact Kelly directly.

Please be mindful of wearing any heavy scent that could affect your fellow students' enjoyment of class, or linger on your hammock in aerial classes.

Please refrain from using your phone during class. If you are on call, please alert the teacher. The cubbies for bags and shoes are in the studio, and your cell phone will be heard if it goes off in class.

Students whose behavior is disruptive, negligent, or potentially injurious to themselves or others in class may be asked to leave.

Do NOT come to the studio if you are sick. Even if you "aren't contagious anymore." We love you, but we don't want your germs. Please respect your fellow students (and teachers!) and do not spread an illness around the studio. If you show up to class sick, you will be sent home.

Class time and space is strictly educational. Please leave all romantic advances or behavior for your own time.

Please see the "Aerial Overview" page on the "Classes" tab for a complete list of aerial policies.

For all Basics classes, a valid credit card is required to reserve your spot in class. This card WILL be charged the full $20 cost of class in the event that you do not show up for class, or in the event that you cancel your class reservation less than 24 hours prior to class. Due to our small class sizes, this policy is intended to deter students from holding spots hostage that other students would want to reserve, and/or from leaving too small a window to fill the cancellation. Thanks for understanding.

massage client policies

Your appointment time has been reserved just for you. It is your responsibility to arrive on time. If you are late, that time will be deducted from the session time at full price.

24 hours notice is required to cancel or reschedule any appointment.

Out of fairness to all clients, a fee of $30 will be charged when cancelling or rescheduling any appointment with less than 24 hours notice.

If the client fails to arrive and does not give prior notice, they will be billed the full price of the treatment scheduled.

Cash, checks, and credit cards are accepted for massages.

Please refrain from using any perfume or cologne before your massage.

A note for the male cyclists: if you do shave, please shave before your massage.