... our blue-haired, bite-sized little engine that could.

Megan is a Speech Pathologist from Michigan. She began taking aerial hammock classes after moving to Greenville in the summer of 2015 and has since expanded her aerial world to the Lyra.

Megan found aerials one Friday when former trainer Kait brought her in to try something new. Previously a gymnast, most moves came easily, until she met one she couldn’t quite master. Intrigued, she came back, and has never looked back since. "I love the challenge of aerials. There’s always something new to learn, or something to work on and improve. Plus, it’s SO much fun and so rewarding to share the fun and build confidence. I’m passionate about teaching because I see confidence grow in my students. I love passing along knowledge, strength, and positivity to all of my students. I LOVE when people come in and surprise themselves with what they can do. It’s very fulfilling."

She completed her 6-month intensive in-house training with Kelly VanLeeuwen in May 2016, as well as a 35-hour aerial yoga teacher training through Lei Lei DeKirby with Levity Aerial Yoga, a Level 1 Aerial Hammock teacher training through Circus Arts Institute -- an ACE recognized program, and Lyra teacher training Levels 1-4 in 2017 through Waverly Jones with Aradia Fitness USA. She trains regularly with Sara Duhaime of Detroit Circus School, Waverly Jones of Empyrean Arts of Asheville, and Sandie Boreham of Cirque City of Tampa Florida to bring exciting new movements and exercises back to her students in Greenville.

Megan also uses free-styling to develop new transitions on the Lyra, and the song choices are constantly changing and flowing with her mood that day : "peppy or electronic when I’m happy, slow and mood when I’m sad, hard rock when I’m mad at the world," but a good go-to is anything by Odesza.

At her day job, she is a speech pathologist and currently works with wee ones. In her very little free time, she tries to be outside hiking and adventuring with her dog, or traveling. Her fur baby (“her world”) is Malibu, aka Monster, Bu, or Grumbles.

Megan is available for private lessons in lyra and sling.

Follow her on IG at : @m.alice_intheair