Megan is a Speech Pathologist from Michigan. Growing up, she was a gymnast and a dancer. She began taking aerial hammock classes after moving to Greenville in the summer of 2015 and has since expanded her aerial world to the Lyra.

She completed her 6-month intensive in-house training with Kelly VanLeeuwen in May 2016, as well as a 35-hour aerial yoga teacher training through Lei Lei DeKirby with Levity Aerial Yoga, a Level 1 Aerial Hammock teacher training through Circus Arts Institute -- an ACE recognized program, and will complete a Level 1 and 2 Lyra teacher training in May through Waverly Jones with Aradia Fitness. She trains regularly with Sara Duhaime of Detroit Circus School, Waverly Jones of Empyrean Arts of Asheville, Sandie Boreham of Cirque City of Tampa Florida, and others from around the country to bring exciting new movements and exercises back to her students in Greenville.

Megan fell in love with aerial because of its consistent presentation of challenges both physical and mental, and she loves to motivate her students with fun and challenging classes filled with tons of positivity and motivation. She loves to build strength in movement all while having fun and creating pretty shapes in a new way, in the air!

Follow her aerial, outdoor, and puppy endeavors on Instagram at @m.alice_intheair