kids aerials

Kids Aerials : a beginning hammock class for mini flyers, ages 8-11. Kids will learn inversions, transitions, flying poses, and more in a fun and focused class that will challenge the students' balance, core, memory, concentration and coordination.

Class is limited to 8 students.

Parents will be asked to leave their children in the studio for the hour, and not participate in class (the Swamp Rabbit Cafe is close by, if parents need a place to wait) or at least stay in the studio lobby area so the child's attention is fully devoted to the aerial coach.

Please alert the MAYA staff before class if your child requires special consideration of any kind. Parents and/or the child's legal guardian will be asked to sign a waiver on their child's behalf BEFORE the first class, so please plan on dropping your child off in person, or email the studio for a waiver in advance.

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Please email the studio at for a waiver in advance if you cannot be there in person to sign for your child on his/her first class, or if your child is driving with another parent. They will not be allowed to participate in class until a waiver by their parent or guardian is signed.