... our cat-packing, mountain-climbing combo of rocker, badass and a little bit of weirdo. Part engineer, part aerial dancer.

Katy is a Chemical Engineer from Ohio, working as a Process Safety Consultant in Greenville. She played lacrosse through college, ran, and is an avid rock climber - recently scaling the Grand Tetons.  Katy began her aerial obsession by taking fitness classes at MAYA Movement Arts in the summer of 2015.  Impressed by her growth in both strength and flexibility, she continued further into aerial dance, where she became completely addicted.

What Katy loves most about the sport is that "it builds the upper body strength that you thought only men could attain, while creating fluid movements and delicate shapes that exude a femininity you never thought you could show. Also, aerial is all about forces and tension and mass balance and physics; my EngiNerd brain likes that." She is also a passionate silks and aerial fitness teacher, specializing in explaining the building blocks of movements and drilling the conditioning aspects of the sport. She loves watching students go through the mental and physical process of becoming an aerialist : the initial struggle and insecurity that comes after defining personal weaknesses, then the drive and determination to overcome challenges, and finally the thirst to learn more after they achieved their initial goals. "It’s a process we all go through, and it’s so fulfilling to watch the baby birds find their own set of wings." When she lets loose, she loves to dance to “Easier” by Mansionair, “Lion” by Saint Mesa, “Your Symphony” by Pulzanti, and anything by Imagine Dragons.

Katy completed her initial aerial training in sling - in aerial fitness and dance - with Kelly at MAYA in October, 2016. She received her aerial yoga certification from Levity Aerial Yoga, and she continues her aerial studies with Waverly Jones on silks and Cody Hayman on rope in Asheville. When she has free time, she loves to rock climb, hike with her kitty Piper, camp, travel and volunteer.

Katy is available for private lessons in silks and sling.

Follow her on Instagram at : @flyingkatywompus