Katy is a Chemical Engineer from Ohio, working as a Process Safety Consultant in Greenville. She played lacrosse through college and is an avid rock climber.  Katy began her aerial obsession by taking fitness classes at MAYA Movement Arts in the summer of 2015.  Impressed by her growth in both strength and flexibility, she continued further into aerial dance, where she became completely addicted.

Katy completed her 6-month training with Kelly VanLeeuwen in October, 2016.  She is certified to teach Aerial Yoga by Lei Lei DeKirby through the Levity Aerial Yoga Teacher Training program.  Katy is also completing her Level 1 certification through the Circus Arts Institute.  Her passion in teaching lies in the empowerment of her students as they continue to grow in strength, confidence and passion toward the hammock.

Katy is also expand her training into AcroYoga and Aerial Silks. Follow her aerial shenanigans and outdoor adventures on Instagram at @flyingkatywompus