Julia Rae Stewart is currently a senior at Furman University, completing a Bachelors of Arts degree in Music and also Philosophy. Growing up she was active in school sports and always emphasized personal health and fitness in her day-to-day life.

Julia began taking aerial classes in January of 2015. She enjoys the challenge, the beauty of the art, and seeing what she, as well as her peers, are capable of achieving when they respect and use their bodies to their full potential. Julia has been training with Kelly VanLeeuwen since her start in 2015, and completed a 6-month intensive teacher training with Kelly in May 2016. As she strives to continue her aerial education and practice, she has earned a 35-hour aerial yoga teaching certification through Levity Aerial Yoga, has completed a 30-hour silks teacher training with Paper Doll Militia, and is always looking for more opportunities to enrich her aerial experiences.

Julia continues to train with Kelly VanLeeuwen on sling and mixed apparatuses, and is training with Constance Palmer of The Space in Atlanta to grow in her silks knowledge.

Follow her aerial endeavors on Instagram at @crabbyjules