things to know about the studio

1. MAYA is located inside the LOFTS of Greenville in West Greenville, behind the Swamp Rabbit Cafe. For the security of the residents, the LOFTS is a gated community. MAYA has two class spaces : the dance studio and the aerial studio. The dance studio is located on the ground floor, on the building corner, and is accessible directly from the pedestrian gate and street. All classes Except the aerial classes meet in the dance studio. The aerial studio is on the first floor inside the building, and students will receive directions before class.

2. Dance studio : Students attending classes in the dance studio (for dance, Acro and hoop) need to park in the lot outside the gates, by the Monaghan United Methodist Church across the street from the studio. Please walk across the street directly into the dance studio at the corner of the building. The dance studio has no lobby, or reception staff. Access to the studio is available by appointment only, and classes are not available for observation. The pedestrian gate and studio door will be unlocked 15 minutes before every class, and locked again promptly at the start of class. Because the door opens directly into the studio floor and to respect the experience of other students in class, late comers are not welcome. If you arrive late to class, do not expect to be let in.

3. Aerial studio : Aerial students Must register online before class to reserve an apparatus. Then they will receive a code to park inside the gate and access the aerial studio. (Please ONLY park inside the gate when you are attending aerials.) Access to the studio is available by appointment only, and classes are not available for observation.

4. Online registration PRIOR to class is Required for all aerial classes* and highly recommended for all other classes. You can register via the MindBody page online (use the "Register" tab on this site) or via the MindBody Connect app. This way class can start promptly, and your teacher's time can be better spent getting to know students and injuries, rather than doing admin work. Note that for aerials, online class registration closes 5 minutes before class start time, to ensure the teacher can properly set up the room and start on time.

5. The dance studio has just a few extra yoga mats, which you are welcome to use if you forgot yours or are traveling. For hygienic reasons, please buy and bring your own yoga mat if you have a regular practice. Padded fitness mats are provided for the Acro classes, but they are not suitable for yoga. Students will not need to bring a mat for aerial classes.

6. MAYA has no studio-wide monthly membership fee. Students may buy packages with multiple classes at a time, but there is no monthly umbrella fee.

7. The studio bathroom does not have a shower.

*For a detailed list of Things to Know before attending an aerial class, please refer to the "Aerial Overview" tab.