... our Earth mother, fearless adventurer, adopter of anything small & defenseless, and Queen of Hugs.

Ema’s love of being in the moment and moving in ways that make your body feel whole and nurtured make her the consummate aerial yoga teacher, while her free spirit and inherent love of shapes and lines lend her to the fluid Lyra. She has trained with MAYA, Circus Arts Institute and Aradia Fitness.

She says, "Aerials at MAYA have helped me take possession of myself both physically and mentally. Injuries (both stress- and activity-related) that I struggled with for years have not been issues since I began working on strength, smooth range of motion, muscle control, and flexibility with the MAYA team. The progress I've made personally motivates me to share my practice with my students and help them to listen to their bodies and develop their own practices.” Her classes are judgment-free zones where students are encouraged to learn their bodies’ needs & grow at their own pace.

When at home she is outside, tending to 2 children, 2 kittens, 1 dog, and a backyard full of vegetable plants and flowers : "I am a heliophile. Solar powered. Child of the earth. Lover of the sun.” Ema enjoys gardening, SUP, reading, hiking, playing, and taking photographs. She also loves yoga classes at The Flow Depot.

Follow her on Instagram at : @emaknott