You will find everything you will need to know, from musicality, what an "iso" (isolation) is, body awareness, execution of movement, dynamics, etc. You will also learn the various styles under the Hip Hop umbrella such as: popping, locking, breaking, waacking, and house. There's a lot to learn, but you will get it in no time. So let's get moving! Beginners welcome!


MODERN dance

This class will focus on feeling grounded and extending the body's natural movement. We will start with muscle isolation as a warm up and end with full combinations. There will be opportunities for personal interpretation and expression of the movement. You will work both mentally and physically for a full body workout. Wear form fitting, comfortable clothing and bare feet. Beginners welcome!



Qoya is movement with meaning. It is based on the simple idea that through movement, we remember. We remember that our essence as women, is wise, wild, and free. Wise, wild, and free also draw reference to the simple movement forms practiced in a Qoya class. Wise, from the wisdom traditions of yoga. Wild, remembering our true nature through the creative expression in dance. Free, free to FEEL and revel in pleasure in the physical body, through feminine movement. 

Qoya has no levels. No beginner or advanced, and requires no skill or prior dance experience. It only asks that you keep an open heart, and allow yourself the space and time to move and explore what is true for you, through moving your body.

Each class is created with a theme, and follows a similar structure, so that the more often you come, the easier it is for your mind to drop out so your body can be present! It is often said, that you come to Qoya as you are, and you leave MORE of who you are. Even though your heart rate climbs, Qoya at it’s heart is not a traditional fitness class. Come to feel inspired, to connect, to come home to your body, and to remember that no matter what happens in life, the women of Qoya will be dancing.

Please dress comfortably, anything that you feel good moving in. We dance barefoot, no need for shoes. Highly recommended: bring a water bottle and your yoga mat. To connect with Sara directly, please visit www.sara-ballard.com or thrivewithsara@yahoo.com