... our Colorado import, ray of sunshine & baby mama!

Charity is an Interior Designer from Miami, FL. She moved to Greenville in February of 2016 and currently works at a firm in downtown Greenville. She is a former gymnast and cheerleader and an active hiker fueled by her years in the mountains around Boulder, CO.

Charity began her aerial journey on Silks in 2015 at the Boulder Circus Center and trained with Lauraleigh Ananda of Maqi Arts. She furthered her passion for the aerial arts when she moved to Greenville and began training with Kelly VanLeeuwen on aerial sling. She received her Silks teacher training certificate from Aradia USA in March of 2017.

Charity loves the feeling of freedom she gets from being in the air. She can feel all tension leaving her body and mind when she gets a good workout in on Silks. She is passionate about helping students find the same freedom and love for flying — “seeing a student reach their goals and achieve a new skill is the ultimate gift!” She constantly encourages as she coaches, so beginners will feel supported as they learn.

When not teaching silks in the evenings, she splits her daytime hours between her interior design job & acting as Kelly’s assistant at MAYA. Her calm & cheerful demeanor are much appreciated! She also became the proud mama of her first child this fall.

In her free time, Charity enjoys hiking with her husband and their pup, Emma, and painting and crafting.

Charity is available for private lessons in silks.

Follow her on Instagram at : @charitytamsberg