... our shows up early, does everything perfectly, part obsessive runner + part sassy rocker in disguise.

Allison recently completed the MAYA sling training after 2+ years as a student, and is set to jump on the schedule and share her passion for flying.

“Aerials has allowed me to push my boundaries and challenge myself to achieve things I never thought possible. I have grown so much, and not just physically. This community and team have truly brought out the best in me, and their positivity is contagious. For the first time in my life I’m learning to truly love my body for all its strengths rather than focusing solely on my weaknesses.

It has also allowed me to regain the artistic and performance piece of my life that had been missing since I graduated high school and left my dance troupe behind.

Overall, aerials has been a complete transformation for me, physically and mentally, and I have loved every moment of it.”

Allison says MAYA has been her “second home” and she is excited to share her love for this space with others : “watching my fellow students push themselves out of their comfort zone & gain a confidence they've never felt before is so inspiring, and I cannot wait to contribute to the growth and learning in this community.”

A regular in the studio, she is know to free-style to anything with a sassy/rock feel and loves big moments for drops and drama.

When not in the studio, Allison is either running (everyday for years now), visiting dog parks with her 9-month-old Aussie pup named Luna (Luna-tic or Looney Tune when she's particularly crazy), attending concerts, dancing (contra, waltz or blues fusion), and working on her new house.

Follow her on Instagram at : @allie_cat19