Silks Basics : an entry level class on aerial silks. Students will learn basic entrances and exits onto the apparatuses with some positions taught in the knot, as well as beginning conditioning drills, climbs, descents, foot locks and standing poses in foot locks.

Recommended for those beginning silks, though not necessarily those new to aerials. Much of class will be spent learning climbs and foot locks which will require holding your weight in the air. If you're still building that strength, take Aerial Fitness classes.

Classes will use the traditional silk tails.


Silks 1 / 2 : a beginning-intermediate class on aerial silks for students progressing in climbing strength, inversions and balance in the air in their foot locks. Students will learn egg beaters, cross-back straddle, catchers wrap, hip keys, knee climbs and beginning belays, among other concepts.

Individual permission from the studio owner is required to attend, based on completion of some prerequisites & assessing out of the Silks Basics class.

Classes will use the traditional silk tails.

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For more information on studio policies and how to choose an appropriate class, please refer to the "Aerial Overview" page under the "Classes" tab.

Group silks piece to "I Put a Spell on You" during the studio Valentines showcase.