Aerial Fitness bAsics

Aerial Fitness Basics classes could feature any of the movements listed in the aerial yoga description, with the addition of pull-ups, arm strengthening drills and core work. This is the class for first-timers, beginners, or those looking to refine their skills and/or review the nuances of basic movements in the hammock.

The basics class moves a littler slower than the all-levels class and includes a new student orientation to studio policies and the hammock. The teacher will take more time to teach each pose, so that students become comfortable with entrances, exits and basic balance positions.  If you have never taken another aerial class, never done a pull up before, or you're nervous about what to expect in an apparatus class like this, this is the place for you to start. {It is not a prerequisite for trying the Aerial Yoga class.}

AERIAL FITNESS (all levels)

The Fitness class assumes students have taken a few Fitness Basics classes, and have become comfortable with routine entrances and exits into several common poses. Class will also focus on conditioning and toning, with added options for increasing difficulty levels. This class is designed to challenge all students throughout their aerial career, whether at the beginning or at a performing level.


For more information on studio policies and how to choose an appropriate class, please refer to the "Aerials" tab under the "Classes" heading.