Acro classes

An Acrobatic Partner class, where any of the following might be taught : partner counterbalances, conditioning drills, and body-weight presses; inversion progressions with spotting; Acro poses, both static & with range of motion drills; transitions from pose to pose; "Washing Machines" (a series of poses that start and stop in the same position); hand balancing; and more.

No experience or partner required. Groups are set based on size and compatibility.

Elite spotting is taught and expected of everyone.

Mats are provided. Water is provided, but bring a bottle to fill.

acro jams

A community Acro offering, where anyone can drop-in and play. Not a structured class -- so feel free to come for as little or as long as you like. This is a time for beginners to experience basic poses for the first time, or regular students to practice poses & transitions they already know.

This is not a class setting, and Kelly and Chris will not be formally leading participants through new skills. NO peer sharing/teaching is allowed. Of course, beginners will be walked through basic moves by more experienced acrobats. But, regular students should use this time to refine & strengthen. Spotting is highly encouraged.

When weather permits, we may meet outside at various parks in the city. However, jams may float around to different venues depending on community partnering events, such as days at the Lululemon Athletica showroom. For up to date information on jam locations and more, join the Facebook group at GVL Acro, or check the schedule on MindBody.

things you should know

In any Acro setting, please honor these community guidelines :

Do not wear lotion that sweats off, or heavy scents (body odor or perfume alike). Please be courteous to your partners and avoid smoking prior to class, or any other activities that leave a lingering smell and could make others in close proximity to you uncomfortable.

Please ensure that all clothing remains appropriate in all positions, including upside down, while bouncing around, and in wide straddle-leg shapes. Pants should not be see through. Loose or baggy clothes become safety hazards when twirling around atop base's feet.

No jewelry, please.

Please inform your partners of any injuries you are currently working with, so the group can do its best to keep you safe.

If you are uncomfortable with physical contact, this is not the right practice for you. We work closely in groups, basing people on our hands and feet by their hips, hands, feet and shoulders. Spotters stand closely and act as training wheels while learning new material.

Classes use practice groups of 3 for spotting, and groups will be arranged by the teacher based on sizes and compatibility. Please do not expect to work exclusively with a friend or partner should you come together; likewise, you do not need a partner to attend class.

Though intimate in nature, this is a strictly non-sexual practice. Anyone who does not respect another's boundaries will be asked to leave.